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Did this fantastic tour in September, we learnt lot about Melbourne, it’s laneways, street art, food and architecture. I’ve been to Melbourne a number of times and until this tour had no idea about these hidden treasures. The tour enabled us to add some additional sites to see to our visit and made our trip memorable. Our guide Kathy was fabulous. Highly recommend this tour.

Klg – 9th October 2023

Hello, I was a part of today’s Miss Fisher’s tour with Cathy and it was delightful. A couple of photos attached. It was also so fun getting to know others on my tour as we are like-minded people with an affinity for Miss Fisher. Would highly recommend Cathy as tour guide and the Miss Fisher tour to friends.

Thank you Cathy and MELtours!! What an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon in Melbourne.

Hollie – 5th May 2018

This is an outstanding introduction to Melbourne led by an engaging and knowledgeable local for an added insider’s perspective that makes for an unique and memorable experience. The tour is professionally organized and the guide, San, was extremely communicative from the beginning to end. A really good variety of sites are included in the itinerary to give you a great historical and cultural context for modern day Melbourne. Highly recommend this tour!!!

Tjiska V – 21st April 2023

Very very interesting. Brought a new perspective to my view of Melbourne. John our guide was very knowledgeable. We learnt a lot. The tour is highly recommended. Melbourne is more than just shopping and coffee.

Tarita – 14th August 2023