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Hi Rosie
I wanted to thank you for sorting out the tour with Kathy today, I really appropriate the effort you went to so we could go today.
Kathy was EXCELLANT!!!! She was so knowledgeable about our beautiful city and we learnt so much, there were so many places we didnt know excisted but now we can go back and explore them some more.
The tour was a present for my friends birthday and she loved it, we will probably do more tours and will definately tell people how wonderful it was. Oh and what a lovely way to finish the day with coffee and cake.
Thanks again for making our day a great one.


Hi Rosie

I just wanted to give you some feedback about my tour yesterday.

Steve was our tour guide and I was most impressed by him. Of course one would expect him to be knowledgeable (which he most certainly was) but of course it is the personality and animation that makes a good tour guide and so your overall experience and Steve had these in spades. He was energetic, infectious, inclusive of the whole group and ran a well-planned route. Aside from all of this, I could also sense his love for our glorious city and that I think really topped it off, to know he wasn’t just there earning a dollar but was there cause he loves to teach about beautiful Melbourne was the best thing of all!!!

Thanks so much